Sunday, March 28, 2010


I don't know who started the asymmetric trend but I see it every where from Martha's clustered collars on Castle to the DIY kits at Michael's. I hate asymmetry!!! I'm a type A person that likes Martha Stewart balance: two lions on the steps of the NYC Library, a topiary on each side of an entry at Christmas, an even number of columns in the Hypostyle... what is wrong with symmetry?
Nothing. I say that and immediately I think the Sphinx, the Giza pyramids, Washington Monument and, that if you do it right, there are some really amazing pieces of jewelery that don't follow the rules.

This piece is another one of my favorites. The chain is new but it feels like something from the days of dragon battling knights of any shaped table. There is a chain of linked bars that I scavenged from one of mom's mineral drop necklaces that I never saw her wear. The Fleur focal point is actually a pin of Gramma Ada's with a natural, polished citrine drop. Everything else is new. If it were not for the faceted stone in the center of the Fleur that dictated the use of other faceted elements this piece could have gotten visually heavy rather quickly. This was going to be an organic piece for a gypsy costume; just the chain and the two large spacers at the top. But when the Fleur fell out of the box onto my work space as I was digging for findings... well literally the pieces of the concept fell into place.

It goes great with jeans and every cool color article of clothing I own. It is longer than I tend to wear, measuring in at nearly 36 inches, the citrine falls to my belly button. It would be awesome layered with more silver strands of varying patinas.

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