Sunday, March 28, 2010

still waiting

This is what I do while I am thinking about how to solve the painting problems. I take myself out of the equation by putting my mind on a different problem.
And believe me, designing jewlery even with someone elses metalwork is a problem. But the resolutions are easier to come by.

So do you remember when I told you (over at Geekdom) about being in the jewelery making aisle at Michaels and feeling like gramma Ada was with me? This is the result of that trip. It's taken many months to get to here from there as I've been scavenging bits and pieces to go with the store bought stuff. These three pieces were made by deconstructing and reassembling parts from a variety of collections. I really love the medallion. I don't know that green and purple together would have excite Gramma A. But the style is certainly up her alley.

The 1st photo shows a heraldric symbol indicative of the bavarian style. To me it almost looks like a doorknocker. But these elements were often used in pediments above doors or as a kind of finial on above crenellations. There are not many of them that I can find on old buildings in Germany. Delicate pieces tend to succumb to the elements and battle. They do frequently appear on sheilds and as main elements in family crests.

The second photo is my favorite party piece. I wore this to the Christmas party with my eggplant gown and got tons of raves from the gals who are big into this kind of thing. Of all the pieces I've made, this I would have the most toruble selling. The third photo shows the same necklace with a choker I made almost 6 years ago. Everytime I am able to match colors so well over any expanse of time I am reminded of something Mrs. Kozlowski said in art class. "Mix more than you will need because you'll never match the colors exactly again." is it wrong to relish proving people wrong to the degree in which I relish that?

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