Friday, February 10, 2012


Two hours and a few wet into wet layers yields a good start in
for this portrait of a talkative little crow.
Crows are famous for being the bearers of mystic messeges both good and bad. Sting's food for a crow lyrics tell the story of forseen doom. But the bird never really says anything. He just sits and looks. He shows up at the wrong time before a battle begins. Isis's bird Tut always seemed to be able to hunt down the missing kid... better than an RFID tag. Poe's talkative feathered friend is late to the party and never seems to shut up. Granted, the dark winged visitor doesn't say much. What little he says he seems to say it a lot.

And it is that irredescant crackle that is the subject of so much fascination for me. I've always been fascinated by the prolific little buggers. Crows and starlings seemed to love our garden more than any of the other birds that hang out in Northern Michigan in the Summer. Like cats, their timing is flawless so that it seemed that their cawing was part of a conversation with their surroundings. Eerie.
So when I found Poe again and decided to participate in an call for artwork on the theme of Poe, I went right to the Raven. And somewhere in the back of my mind, there was Johnny Crow and his garden. So this crow is dressed for an evening visist with velvet violet pantaloons.
I envision the idea that maybe he stopped by Edgar's after the evening opera or symphony. Maybe the music or an actress reminded him of Lenore and that is why he decided to torment ole Edgar.

When the portrait is finished it will be incorporated into acrylic canvas in the style I am acustomed to working in. I do not want to do the whole thing in watercolor because I want to be able to use rubberstamps. So that means there will be a trip to the photo booth. And some cutting. I hate cutting. But I kinda don't have a choice with the plan I am following. You just can not brush gel medium on watercolor without it running. Bummer. :)

I have to admit that I am scared to add the next layers to the portrait. One mistake with the black and hours of work go down the drain. I also have some layers of mica infused watercolors to use in this one. I am excited about that prospect.

Now.... to finish this without a lot of tap tap tapping tapping on my door....
six hours into the portrait and things come to
a head. Colors are dark and jewel toned. Greys
and black come next.

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