Monday, March 19, 2012

Mutant Orchid

One of the things that one should not attempt after several days of painkillers and muscle relaxers is painting. Why? Perception. While I was sketching I thought that the proportions were right between the top petals and the bottom. So I happily started slopping paint around the palette and then the paper. Yes... I know it isn't sloppy. But if anyone remembers that OS episode of Star Trek where the crew was loopy as shit... that is how I wanted to paint. It took 70% of my concentration to NOT act like a sweaty Sulu brandishing a sword. And 30% of my concentration to aim the paint where I wanted it. When I got myself settled down I felt like I was cruising along sucessfully.

Then I got really sleepy. The painting dried over night and I sobered up. And this is what I found....

That bottom petal is HUGE! It is more than just exaggerated. It is grotesquely misproportioned. And you know what really sucks about that? I LOVE LOVE LOVE how the redviolets blended at the base. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE how the dark violet under the stamen makes it stand straight up out of the middle of the petal.

But I can not make up for the poor execution in the original drawing so I will have to start over again. And I think I will have to find another way to compose this one. I like how the gold bottom layer of the frame has spread itself out. But I think I want to go with a circle.

And I have a different background in mind anyway. So I am going to try a blocking technique. I'll draw the whole thing out. But I will cover the orchid and focus solely on the background. I find I get really distracted by the middle stages if I am doing the whole comp. I guess that is  the main difference between acrylic and watercolor. You really can not go on to the next step until the current one is dry.

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Sherry Crocker said...

Why am I loopy? I tore my left glute and the top of my left hamstring while walking home from the grocery store.

Forced hyper extended yoga lunge and things all when snap in the leg. So pain meds. 3 months phys therapy. I wear a compression badage to hold my muscles together like a pot roast. And I can't do much of anything for long periods of time. I have to. But its awfully painful.

About all that doesn't wear me out is painting.

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