Monday, May 13, 2013

Studio Progress

Work in the studio has started. I'm still sorting and stacking, exploring boxes caked in dust and wondering what all needs to be kept. Yes, I am contemplating parting with some supplies. It is a pain to always move it. And some of it, some rubber stamps, do not have the same meaning that they once had so I no longer need to keep them.

When I packed up the first time there were many that went away. And I though that was going to kill me. Now I think that I could let go of many without feeling the slightest bit teary. It's funny how you get attached to things as an artist. Even though I could not possibly use all of the ones that I have had in my lifetime in such a way as I once thought that I could, I think of the times that those images represent and I wish that I could keep them as mementos. I wish that I had not had to eliminate the ones that I did let go. But today, as I go through the studio and the boxes I moved in (which is only half of what was in storage) I know that I have grown beyond the stamps in many ways.

I feel like it is time to think about my own designs and a line of stamps in a new way.

That is not the only thing that is new. As I sort the canvases into the restore, finish and clean it up piles and I see the awesome work that I have done. And the works that need to be improved before they can be sold, I am thinking about new techniques and new creations. After having been shut down and doing enough art to just get by I an feel myself opening up to possibilities... expanding.

And I have found things that I have not photographed yet... pictures to follow when I get another sunny day.

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