Monday, July 1, 2013

My Own Personal Warehouse 13

Today I got into my storage unit to make a bigger dent in my moving process. A 10x20 unit is not exactly Warehouse 13 in scope or grandeur. Though in digging through the boxes and boxes stashed on every available shelf, I did find quite a few treasures.

I am hoping that I can get some pictures in the next few days especially since I found a box full of pat work. Some of it was from school and some were from when I tried my hand at colored pencil work almost 25 years ago. The sketch of Gates McFadden in Holodeck attire is some thing that I am quite proud of since it was my first portrait and I don't typically do well with those.

And I found my gramma's Italian vase that has appeared here on the blog. Now I need sunshine to get it photographed.

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