Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Own W13

I just uploaded a bunch of stuff to facebook. My sister is back online and I wanted to shove a few things at her in preparation for the onslaught of her baby pictures. Plus.... facebook is quicker and I get to try out the funny on them before launching words at you guys.

So here we go....

From the W13 Artifacts Vault, First Box:
Among the Chagalls, Degas and Victorian Cats, in a Rubbermaid repository lies tiny treasures of past artistic adventures and experiments. Unlike a real W13 artifact..... none of these things possess weird powers that warp reality or bestow superhuman powers.
Too bad.

The vault is open........

The top layers are laid out on the floor. From left: Italian wall
calendar 1998, watercolor exercise from Watercolor Magazine
of pears, 2 Chagalls from a wall calendar, 1992 Gates McFadden
portrait in colored pencil, Dover Collection Degas wrapping
 paper, college project "Product Announcement" 2001, watercolor
of a random hill in the middle of a farm in Port Oneida in
Leelanau County in the Fall.
Charcoal drawing from Glee Fenby's class 2000.
Study in textures and shadows.

Prelims for rubber stamps sold to A1 Stamps. The collection
celebrates my home town.
Trying to be Degas with ink.... not sure how
successful I feel about this one.

Left: Censer for Christmas maybe 1999? Right: Imagining a Woodcut or Lino-cut badge
of an artist in the service of his or her queen.
Grammpa Gerbstadt and the unfinished portrait
1998 or 99

THe NatGeo cover that started a thing with cacao pods sitting
alongside a watercolor exemplar of the Hebrew alphabet.
Practicing a new wet in wet watercolor technique on the left
and exploring cacao on the right.

One of many partially used watercolor pads in the box. I opened
this one thinking it would be the fifth empty book. But no. This
one had a surprise inside......
A mostly finished stargazer lily.

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