Sunday, July 14, 2013

W13: Inside box number 3

Seriously folks, things are starting to feel kinda scary with all the things that I am finding in boxes. Aside from the heart ache of finding damaged goods, goods that I do not know that I can fix, there are so many memories attached to each drawing, painting and partially empty sketch books. The first box I opened I knew what to expect. But these boxes. The two I opened today I didn't know what to expect. Damage was not one of them. And neither were the emotions that came with them.

 This is the state of the studio portion of my new home right now. It seriously looks too much like Artie's office for my liking. When the bookcases and sundry large pieces of furniture come out of storage I will have some where to go with everything. Right now.... it's piles...... and boxes full of old friends and help mates. Have I mentioned that I anthropomorphize just about everything? Oh. Well I do.

I am itching to get to that encyclopedia of illustration  in that box in the bottom right corner. But no... I am committed to letting my concept fester ferment for a while so that I can get this mess organized and be productive. Also, committing myself to getting things documented with this awesome new camera and photo editor for some more products and maybe give cafĂ© press another chance to not piss me off with some digital works.

Right now... in my own little warehouse, I am archiving that which has been to discover that which will be. And now I am experiencing technical difficulties. Suddenly my entire library of photos is missing except for one file of peacock pics.

be back in a bit.

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