Wednesday, July 3, 2013

MO W13 First Box

Also uncrated from this box....

A portrait of an ex boyfriend, sleeping angel. And the oil on paper of a Chickadee in Winter. This has a very graphic feel too it. I can see his penchant for the 80s in this work. And lately, as I am digging things out of storage and finding tons of work from this time period, I find I miss him a lot right now.

Life, being what it is, has separated us for good this time. In the past we could always find one another and catch up. He is my Wonder Twin. Sometimes our artistic lives clashed in competition but most of the time we fed and improved each other's passions for our individual projects.

He's shown at ARTprize in Grand Rapids and has had his work shown in a few places down there. I do not know that he ever has sold much. Tis a shame... he is so good at what he does really love, anime and art nouveau. The combination is stunningly fresh, almost steampunky if it weren't for all the bright colors he used. Steampunk...... yeah... I do miss him.

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