Tuesday, October 1, 2013


I love the way this watercolor turned out. But I wanted to do more; just didn't know what I wanted to do. With the digital editing process you can play with a lot of ideas without worrying about destroying a painting that can take several days to accomplish. You can also do more than one thing to it.

For example: my stargazer in my signature stamping style
Or I can do a little wishful thinking and turn it into s piece of graffiti that looks chalked or sprayed instead of water colored.
I wish graffiti were as creative as this in our town instead of the
raggedy tags we get when the kiddies think no one is looking.
It doesn't take long at all to alter your own art. And like I said.... you don't worry about ruining it with experimentation.

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Sherry Crocker said...

Is it wrong that I like this so much I could gaze at it all night instead of stars?

Nope. No it's not.

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