Monday, December 2, 2013

Ahead of the Holiday

Written 2 weeks ago and forgot to post:

So while I was gone I had a productive week of a different kind than normal. One of the things that I did was start the process of putting up outdoor d├ęcor for the coming season. Why? Well for one, we already had a light dusting of snow and everyone pulled out their parkas. So since we got the hint that Ma Nature is ready for a little Winter action decorating is fair game.

And so is the picmonkey scrapbooking affair. Yes. I said affair. I do believe that I am in love with picmonkey. There is a great new theme that is being rolled out as we speak. I've been able to make something that makes my geeky little heart squee.... and I want to see if I can do this with a real snow man.

Check it out....


Can you see the snowman in the bottom pic? I don't know if you can open this and see a bigger picture. I hope you can. Because building the "Snowten" was almost as much fun as stringing the trees together and making the digital scrapbook pages. It is all definitely way more fun than the necessity of the left hand photo: I hate pulling the branches down and arranging them. These trees were bound tighter than .... never mind. It would have been mean to say.
Let's just leave it an observation that if I lived in China and had to assemble these things I would have lost all patience with the standards of which they wind lights around branches.
Any way.... can't wait to see how they look at night. Oh... and lest you think I am a spendthrift: two sets of mini trees were 7.00 each and the two four footers were a steal at 5.00 each on clearance many seasons ago. Crap.... now it is all getting rained on. :(

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