Sunday, December 15, 2013

Monument to Sucess

I've talked about Michelle Ward for forever because I love her stuff. I especially love what the graphic design world has been calling "Maximalism". I noticed it but didn't really connect with the trend until Michelle blogged about it. That was back in 2006 and I am just now getting around to being brave enough to try it. Of course this style goes hand in hand with the cool things that she is doing with stencils & spray paint.

As I am not set up for elaborate processes, I have chosen to play with the picmonkey and explore what I can do with the concept. No physical space required. No wasted material in failed attempts.

Tonight's issue:

The background was generated using picmonkey layers and editing the crap out of them. The engraved drawing is from the British Library collection I mentioned yesterday. And the rest was a lot of frustrated picking and deleting.

I'm not normally found of mixing cool and warm colors, which is what holds me back a little. But this red and blue/green combo is starting to grow on me.

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