Monday, December 16, 2013

Die Entfernung

So artists got a great Christmas present a little bit early from the British Library & Microsoft. 1 MILLION gifts of copyright free/public domain images. I found this great graph and fell in love with it. Keep in mind Math and I are still not very cordial with one another. If Math had junk I would punch it.... several times daily. I love logic just not the tedium associated with its actual moving parts.
This particular graph is for finding the middle point (mittelpunkt)of a particular thing (Karten). Die Entfernung is the measurement. Instantly put me in mind of one of my many favorite Matthias Reim songs, Wie Man Liebt.
He describes how we are free to our youth until school starts and then are heads are crammed full of many things we will probably not need (Physik, Chemie & Algebra, assorted historic points and how to measure the distance between stars) and are never taught the things that we need to know, the ONE thing we need to know... how to love.
We teach kids how to make war, how to build empires with technology and economics but not how to love each other. Or, as I am a champion, to make art and music and nourish the soul in addition to the coffers.
I loved to learn things because it kept my mind busy.
But oh how I would have a heart as full as my head.

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