Monday, February 10, 2014

Application is In

And now the wait. My friend Amy sent me a link to a gallery that accepted her work and encouraged me to do the same. So tonight, while suffering a bout of stress induced insomnia, I've been uploading images for submission.

Only the uploader isn't doing what I want it to do... which basically means that I am missing something in the properties information that would let me change something so that it can be uploaded. But like I said... I am too tired. I am a bit stressed out so I can not figure out what magic thing I need to do to make this work. Come to think of it... Picmonkey was acting all weird and junk today too. Man... I might have a virus. The last time that happened it didn't do anything to keep my from uploading things so I don't know it that is the answer either.

All I know at this point is that I am waiting to see if the samples I uploaded will be accepted.

I will know soon. Thankfully they don't keep artists in suspense for very long.

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