Sunday, February 9, 2014

Over Winter

As is the rest of this half of the world.

It's been a long cold lonely winter.... well not so lonely. But certainly long and cold.

West Bay is frozen over and it looks like a shanty town out there with all the ice-fisherman taking up root. And who knows when it will thaw enough to take those shanties off the water.

Lake Superior is frozen over so I expect to hear that some half wit has decided to grab some gear and head for Canada. Wouldn't that be a thing to tell the grandkids!

I forgot canned goods in the back of my car and they are frozen solid. That should be a fun conversation with myself when I try to open them.

And then there is the ever frigid drive to work. Which, will quadruple if we get the apartment that we are hoping for. And then the inevitable moving stuff in the snow. Because.... well.... this stuff isn't going to melt any time real soon and we are hoping to be in and settled before Easter.

Today, in the hope that Spring will come faster if we think on it really hard.... I have been noodling around on Picmonkey. Took three hours to erase the background of my watercolor and add in the whites that the camera made grey and then just a short little 15 minutes to add text and assorted goodness to the thing to have some thing to share. Not too shabby.

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