Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Photography Practice

Just a small collection of the food I've photographed from my own kitchen. I am looking at the end of the year and wondering, after 51 posts to www.amgerman.wordpress.com if this is something that I enjoy enough to keep doing. Retrospection can be such a pain.

I love this. I have always loved food. And I have always loved writing. Now that I am getting better at the photography aspect I am more comfortable with this. Am I comfortable with calling myself a food photographer? Not just yet. Am I comfortable with the concept of an identity change away from visual arts (canvas and the like)? No.

I want to see myself as an artist. I miss getting my hands dirty and playing in paint. But I also have to acknowledge that I may never have the ability to live on my own and have the space to work with. I can make my tiny kitchen work to crank out this stuff. But I need a little more room for the art that I do in paint and canvas. I also need to not feel like I am always in the way when I work. 

Still so much to consider. But there is always the art of creative cooking! 

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