Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Learning and Gathering Phase

When the artwork is not being produced there is much absorption of information. Currently going over the old typography books and falling in love with fonts all over again. Which is probably obvious from the exemplars I've posted. I am also trying to dig into the brain pan and find all the places that I have hidden some great informational gems. I have to be honest and tell you that this political campaign season has really piqued my interest and is taking up much of my time.

So while things swirl in a chaotic cloud in my head, I leave you with a few bits to absorb on your own. When the dust settles we will see what has been left.

First: Print Magazine's online source has a variety of great visuals and some in depth articles. This one featuring Czech poster design was fascinating.

The magazine covers all things related to design, color history and meaning, typographers and foundries, theory and application.

Print will also clue you in on some great things that you may not have otherwise discovered in terms of small imprints and magazines from around the world.

In other places around the web, art seems to abound. I found a drawing on pintrest and followed the story here. It takes a while to navigate this blog. But Tommy Kane has an interesting take on life and art in his surroundings.

And of course there is the work that keeps the bills paid. Winter is not really cooperating with the light for photography when I am home so I am also focusing on the baking of recipes and translating of said recipes. It looks like the busy season will commence for us in the middle of the grey bleak midwinter. Oh well... I guess that is how life goes.

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