Tuesday, September 20, 2016


This is a preliminary mock up of one of my designs that will become a coloring book.

Getting back to basics. That has been the theme of recovery from heart disease. Did I not mention that before? Part of the lack of post was definitely health related. But also it has been a profound lack of art production.

I've been upset about being thwarted in several plans in the past. And it took me getting busy and overworked to realize that the real limit to my success was imagination. I was so set on on way of doing things that I couldn't see a way around the roadblocks.

And honestly, 6 years ago when I started seeing all the Zentagles exploding in the craft markets I thought it was a fad. It went from fad to movement in creating the adult coloring book market. Who knew? If I think about it though, I have to admit that it makes a lot of sense. Any number of customers would drag their friends into a store hoping to make a new fan of rubber stamping only to be told "I'm not artistic." And some people really are not artistic enough to do more than color. Not judgement and no accusations need to be thrown around. That is just the way that it is. The lament of the non artistic over being better at math and not so good with drawing is just what the adult coloring market soothes.

Everyone needs art whether or not they can draw themselves. As is said, Art washes away from the Soul the dirt of everyday life. Everyone needs a soul washing now and again and a trip to church on Sunday isn't always enough. Attending church can be a source of stress and discontent in itself which counteracts the inherent benefits. And sometimes, you need that soul washing in the middle of the day in the midst of a hectic work week and you can't wait for the church setting to get the soul refreshing benefits of art. Adult coloring books provide the immediate effect of being able to get negativity off of you when you find yourself surrounded by the ugliness of of a fractured and dysfunctional world.

Cleaning the soul is important. If coloring books will do it then that is where I am going to put myself to help. I've not done anything artistic in a few years other than on digital formats and I have to say this. While the brain has gotten quite a work out and I have had quite a satisfying adventure in photography and digital composition, it is not quite the same as drawing with a pencil on paper. The whole body is involved in drawing. The whole body is involved in coloring too. And that is what helps to get the energy moving in a positive direction.In the last two weeks my health has improved more significantly than in the last 3 months.

Now to do something with what I have learned and employ my inherent skill set to be the most beneficial!

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